Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Encourage Your Child for Career

All child’s have different ideas in every day. However, they are small they not able to take decision. In the situation parents should able, to know that in which field their child’s are take interest. Interest of child decides what he/ she want to become.

For better career, it is essential that parent encourage our child it helps to choose better career.

Parents should follow some points at the time of career planning of child.

Listen to your child means if continuous he/she talking about something means they are interested on it. Some children are extrovert, they easily discuss about future from others, some children are introvert, and they not want to discuss about future planning from others. Therefore, parent should know that what their child want to become and what is future planning of child.

Always take care that not push child for select a career option but support them for choosing a career. Sit with child and find out the likes and dislikes of your child. Think that likes and dislikes are match with career or not. Now many career counselors are also available for choose better career, parents also take help of counselors so their child not have any confusion regarding to career.

Talk to your child teacher this will help you to know the strength of child so encourage child according to strength. This gives positive results for future planning.

We end up our discussion that support child for career planning but not force them to choose career according to your wish.