Friday, November 23, 2012

Sports as career option

Many people must have told about many career options which require lots of books, dedication and patients, but seriously person like me hate studies. So let’s talk about making your passion or hobbies as your career like sports. When it comes to sports icon there are genre of sport and become a national or global icon, here are some ambassadors who have risen up among the ranks to become global sporting icons, like Tiger woods’, David Beckham, Michael Jordan, usain bolt, Bruce Lee last but not the least Muhammad Ali.
Sports persons with years of experience are now being offered to work in a related field, such as, sports journalism, sports goods manufacture/marketing or as commentator. According to Forbes magazine the two highest paid athletes in 2004 were golfer Tiger Woods and race car driver Michael Schumacher. But the two highest paying sports were baseball and basketball. In India highest paying sport is cricket. Apart from this there are many perks which you can enjoy. No one can deny the fact that competition is in every field; it’s depend on you how you portray yourself against the odds. A famous tennis player Althea Gibson said "In the field of sports you are more or less accepted for what you do rather than what you are." So choose what you want to be rather what people want you to be.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Encourage Your Child for Career

All child’s have different ideas in every day. However, they are small they not able to take decision. In the situation parents should able, to know that in which field their child’s are take interest. Interest of child decides what he/ she want to become.

For better career, it is essential that parent encourage our child it helps to choose better career.

Parents should follow some points at the time of career planning of child.

Listen to your child means if continuous he/she talking about something means they are interested on it. Some children are extrovert, they easily discuss about future from others, some children are introvert, and they not want to discuss about future planning from others. Therefore, parent should know that what their child want to become and what is future planning of child.

Always take care that not push child for select a career option but support them for choosing a career. Sit with child and find out the likes and dislikes of your child. Think that likes and dislikes are match with career or not. Now many career counselors are also available for choose better career, parents also take help of counselors so their child not have any confusion regarding to career.

Talk to your child teacher this will help you to know the strength of child so encourage child according to strength. This gives positive results for future planning.

We end up our discussion that support child for career planning but not force them to choose career according to your wish.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pull Back In Career To Get A New Ray Of Hope!

Are you working hard but not getting good results in making your career? So lets try to take a step backward in your career instead of going further and taking stress and facing frustrations. But this does not means that you have failed or you cannot do it correctly avoid thinking like that. Only thinks that you need some rest and easiness in making your career again with some clarity and meaning and also needs a time that made a sense to you.

First think deeply in what career you want to go forward. The right decision will help you in making your lifetime goals and also it is the first step towards your career. Taking a step backward to avoid the troubles and again begin from the first step in making career requires a lot of strength with patience.

When you think deeply about your goals and identify your strengths and weakness then you will come across number of new doors that helps you in going to find successful career path. Identifying your own values is a way to get filter out all the irrelevant data and to check the main approach that really matters in making your career. Chances are your golden values if they gone and everything will be ruin in your life.

The chances will make your career to reach high peak. These times is for reevaluation of your values to help you keep your priorities straight.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Remove the Hurdles of Career

Everyone spent lots of time to thinking on career. When we are small, our parents take decisions and worry about our career like which school is best for study. Many questions arises in parents mind that our decisions is good for children or not. All of us aware of problem of unemployment so no one can want that their children face that type of problem so they try as much as best so their children’s not found any hurdles in career path.

When children’s are grows they also start thinking about future. At the time of choosing stream, everyone very much worried about what subject is good for future because no one can predict the future.

In every stage we find hurdles in career path because its play very dominant role in everyone’s life. If you want to run on smooth career path its urgent that you follow some rules.

So now, we provide you some tips, which remove the hurdles of career.

Always choose that career which you love because success is increasing if you choose that career which you love.

If you want to do some business, its urgent that you invest your emotions in that trade this will help you to get success.

Everyone makes mistakes learn through from each mistake. Always avoid mistakes which you done previously because it gives negative impact on your future.

Always except the challenges, it helps for get success in the future.

Remember first step in every field is difficult so do not afraid of that step or not take step back.

Its very essential in career that not depend on others always try to become independent its help you to open so many opportunities.

Maintain positive attitude in your life even stress moment.

At the end, we said that be positive and not mix personal problems into professional because it creates obstacles in career path.

Monday, June 14, 2010

How To Choose Career?

Everyone has to face some trouble in our lives. No one seems to be satisfied, everyone has some stress in their life due to the environment in which they are living or due to the in favorable situation. Often changing your outlook towards life can change your life and makes all difference. In youngsters the career was the main problem now a days. There are so much choices for the youngsters creates confusion and they are not able to make decision of what to do to get success in the career of their choice.

Identifying your own values is a way to get filter out all the irrelevant data and to check the main approach that really matters in making your career. Chances are your golden values if they gone and everything will be ruin in your life. The chances will make your career to reach high peak. These times is for reevaluation of your values to help you keep your priorities straight.

The first step in choosing a great career for yourself is to assess your skills and talent. Then take a step in order to envision your ideal career. This feeling can only comes from inside only you can know what you prefer and how would you like to live. Sometimes people really underestimate their thinking about choosing their lifestyle and this will cause an impact in their life after sometimes.

The another thing that you should consider in making your decision process is your natural strengths the important thing which will help you in building your career and also enables you to start work with ease and to gain expertise faster.